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Tip #6 - Adding Contacts
In This Tip:   Add from Calls    Add from Email Review    

Welcome to our iPhone 4 tips and tricks!  Much of this content is pulled directly from our iPhone 4 Made Simple book which you can buy online at and many fine bookstores around the world.

Your iPhone is much more useful when it has the contact information you need always at your fingertips.  In this tip we show you how to quickly add new contacts from phone calls and email messages.   

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Quickly Adding New Contacts from your Phone Recents List

Many times you will receive a phone call from, or place a call to, someone you would like to add to your Contacts list.  It is easy to add that phone number to an existing contact or create a new contact from a phone number.

1. Tap the Phone icon.

2. Tap the Recents soft key along the bottom.

3. TIP: Any phone number you see listed is not yet in your Contacts list.  You see names instead of phone numbers when they are already in your Contacts list.
4. Tap the blue arrow  Blue arrow at the right edge of the phone number to see the Info screen shown to the right.

5. Scroll down and tap Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact.

Source: Chapter 10: Your iPhone as a Phone,
iPhone 4 Made Simple

Add New Contact from Phone Recents

Adding Contacts from Email Messages and Underlined Email Addresses

It is also easy to add new contacts or email addresses in email messages you receive.  You can also add contacts from any underlined email address.  

1. Open an email address that has the email address you would like to add to Contacts.  

2. If the address is in the From:, To: or Cc: fields, then tap the name to see the next screen.

3. On this screen, tap Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact just like you did with the phone Recents entry above.

4. The only trick to adding an underlined email address is that instead of quickly tapping it, you need to press and hold it until you see a few buttons appear.  (See Figure below.)  Then you can tap Create New Contact or Add to Existing Contact from the buttons.

Source: Chapter 18: Email on your iPhone
iPhone 4 Made Simple

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