Frequently Asked Questions

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We've tried to pull together most of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our customers.  If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us, email us or call us at +1-386-506-8224.

What does Made Simple Learning provide?

Made Simple Learning provides short to-the-point training videos to help people understand how to use their mobile devices.  Benefits achieved by our many clients (see client list) include:
  • Improved user productivity
  • Reduced help desk call volume
  • Reduced training work load
  • Easy roll-out of new technology
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What does a Corporate License allow us to do?
A Corporate License allows you to install the product on a single server in a single location within your organization. The license is perpetual and there are no restrictions on number of users accessing the product on the server.

What does an Enterprise License allow us to do?
An Enterprise License allows you to install the product on multiple servers and multiple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) across your entire organization. The license is perpetual and there are no restrictions on number of users accessing the product.

How fast do we receive the video tutorials after ordering?
Virtually instantly.  All of our products are downloadable and available either instantly when you purchase or as soon as you set up your download account using the activation code you receive instantly after purchasing the product from our web store.  So in other words, you get the product as fast as you need it.

In what formats are the video clips available?
We offer the videos in various formats including SWF (FLASH), WMV (Windows Media), MP4 (for mobile Apple devices), 3GP (for mobile BlackBerry devices), and SCORM-compliant ZIP packages.

What are the differences between the video clip formats?
  • SWF (high bandwidth) files play in Adobe's Flash Player (version 9 or higher), are generally the highest quality, but are larger and require the most bandwidth to play smoothly.
  • MP4 (medium bandwidth), is widely supported by multiple players and ideal for delivering videos to Apple devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch).
  • 3GP (medium bandwidth), is perfect for delivering videos to BlackBerry mobile devices.
  • WMV (low bandwidth) is designed for Microsoft's Windows Media Player and is a good choice for distributing videos over a wide area network (WAN) or to limited bandwidth locations.
  • SCORM-compliance is required for many Learning Management Systems. Our clips are produced as Flash SWF files and are compliant with SCORM version 1.2.
I work for a government, military, educational or non-profit organization, can I get a discount?
Yes!  Please contact us for a quote today.

Can the clips be played on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or BlackBerry?
Yes! We provide all formats (MP4 for Apple devices and 3GP for RIM BlackBerry devices) that can be either streamed to, or loaded directly onto, the mobile device of your choice.

How can I deploy the videos on my Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices?
Check out our deployment page video clips for answers.

How can we deploy the videos to our intranet server or SharePoint site?
Each version of the videos contains a separate index.html file and /Assets folder.  You simply unzip the downloaded product and place the entire folder on your intranet server or in SharePoint library.  Then point the users to the index.html file - and you're done!

Can we see who some of your clients are?
Sure.  Check out our client list.

I have other questions.  Is there someone I may speak with?
Yes!  Please call us at +1-386-506-8224 or use our contact us form.