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You own the best BlackBerry on the market today - the touch screen BlackBerry Torch 9800 series.  Use our video tutorials and simple guide book to unlock the full potential of your Torch.  You have invested your money buying the Torch and the service plan, with our videos or book, you will get the best return on that investment possible today. 

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E-Book Release Date: January, 31 2011
Printed Book Release Date: February 10, 2011

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Made Simple Guide Book
BlackBerry Torch 9800 Video Tutorial Library
(Updated: Wed., December 15, 2010)
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(View On BlackBerry)
Address/Contacts : An Introduction to Contacts
Find contacts, instantly call, email or map addresses. Add to Home Screen, Add Picture, View Activity Log.
PLAY (on computer)
PLAY (on BlackBerry)
Address/Contacts : Adding New Contacts
Tips for Adding New Contacts
Address/Contacts : Global Address List Lookup in Address Book (BES Only)
(For users connected to a BlackBerry server) Lookup contacts in your organizations global address list on the server.
PLAY (on computer)
PLAY (on BlackBerry)
Address/Contacts : Add New from Email & Phone
Make your Contact List - address book powerful with these tips & tricks.
PLAY (on computer)
PLAY (on BlackBerry)
Apps : BlackBerry App World - Install or Upgrade
How to install or upgrade BlackBerry App World. Also how to create your BlackBerry ID.
Apps : BlackBerry App World Basics
Learn how to use BlackBerry App World
Apps : Remove or Delete Software Icons
Remove or Delete Software Icons from your BlackBerry
Apps : Google Sync - How to Install
Google Sync - How to Install it
Apps : Google Sync - Setup and Use
How to setup and use Google Sync (including Options, Sync only Calendar or Contacts, date range, more)
Basics : Lock the Screen and Power Off or On
How to turn your BlackBerry On and Off
Basics : Portrait Typing Basics (SureType, Multi-tap)
Typing with the Vertical (Portrait) SureType & Multi-tap Keyboards
Basics : Transfer files using Mass Storage Mode
Transfer files between your Computer and BlackBerry using Mass Storage mode and the USB Cable
Basics : Learning the Home Screen
Getting to know your BlackBerry Storm
Basics : Landscape Typing Basics (Full QWERTY Keyboard)
Typing with the Full Keyboard (QWERTY) - Single Letter Per Key
Basics : Customize Your Home Screen
Customize Wallpaper, Make Favorites, Move Icons, Launch by Typing (Search or Shortcuts)
Basics : Tour of the Icons
Take a tour of the main icons on your Storm
Basics : Using the Setup App
Learn the Setup Wizard and Good Basic Tips and Tricks. (Must See for New Users)
Basics : Radio Off/On or Airplane Mode
Use for Airplane Mode or Flight Mode (turn off radio). Also, first thing to try when email/web is not working.
Basics : Using the Calculator
Use for simple calculations, calculate tips, convert between English and Metric units.
BlackBerry Messenger : Setup BBM Profile, Invite Contacts, Home Screen Icon
Download and Setup BBM, Set Profile, Status, Invite Contacts, Scan Barcode, Reply to Invites
BlackBerry Messenger : BBM Chat, Send Files and Set Options
Use BBM for chatting, send files, pictures, voice notes and set options.
BlackBerry Messenger : Working with BBM Groups
Learn how to work with BBM Groups, Setup a new one, Chat, Share and Comment on Pictures, Add Group To-Do Lists, Group Calendar and more.
Bluetooth : Bluetooth Headset - Setup & Use
Setup and Use any Bluetooth device with your BlackBerry (Ex. Headset)
Calendar : Calendar Basics, Views, Different Calendars
Navigate Day, Week, Month and Agenda Views. Schedule Appointment. Tips for setting dates with keyboard.
Calendar : Calendar: List of Hot Keys (PDF)
Shortcut Sheet (PDF): Save time in the Calendar with this list of the best hot keys. (Download & Print)
Calendar : Calendar - Detailed Scheduling (Recurring, Alarms, More)
Detailed Scheduling and Calendar Options (Initial View)
Calendar : View Different Calendars and Set Default
How to set your 'default' calendar and default 'sent from' email address
Calendar : Schedule Conference Call
Schedule a Conference Call on your Calendar (Set Default Access Numbers)
Calendar : Invite Attendees to Meetings
How to Invite people to meetings scheduled on your Calendar
Calendar : Invite Attendees to Meetings (BES Server)
(For users connected to a BlackBerry server) How to Invite people and look at their availability
Calendar : Respond to Meeting Invitations
Accept, Tentatively Accept or Decline Invitations and even send Comments
Camera & Video : Using your Camera
Get the most out of your BlackBerry camera (Zoom, Flash, Send & More)
Camera & Video : Using your Video Camera
Get the most out of your BlackBerry video camera. (Zoom, Lighting, Memory & More)
Copy-Paste : Copy and Paste Information
How to Copy and Paste on your BlackBerry
Desktop Manager : Get the Latest BlackBerry Desktop Software
How to locate and download the latest Desktop Software (was called Desktop Manager).
Desktop Manager : Getting Started with BlackBerry Desktop Software
Learning your way around the menus and icons.
Desktop Manager : Switch Devices (Old device to New BlackBerry)
Transfer data from your old BlackBerry to your new one.
Desktop Manager : Sync Organizer Data
Setup and sync your organizer data (Contacts, Calendar, MemoPad, Tasks)
Desktop Manager : Sync Media (Music, Pictures and Videos)
Transfer videos, music, ringtones and pictures using Desktop Software (Wi-Fi Sync)
Desktop Manager : Work with Applications (Add / Remove)
How to install, add or load 3rd party software onto your BlackBerry.
Desktop Manager : Update your Device Software
Update your BlackBerry to the latest version of device (operating system) software.
Desktop Manager : Backup and Restore
How to backup and restore your BlackBerry. Also, how to delete all data.
Email : Sending Email and Typing Basics
Read and reply to email and move around your inbox.
Email : Opening Email Attachments (Word,Excel,PDF,Picture)
Open and read attachments in email messages. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Pictures, More)
Email : Email - List of Navigation Hot Keys (PDF)
Shortcut Sheet (PDF): Save time in Email with this list of the best hot keys. (Download & Print)
Email : Search for Email (Sender, Subject, Recipient, Body)
Use the Search Softkey to quickly find messages.
Email : Out of Office and Email Signature (Enterprise Email)
Set your Out of Office Reply and Auto Signature (only for Enterprise email users)
Email : Clean Up Inbox (Select Multiple & Delete Prior)
How to quickly select multiple messages and use the 'Delete Prior' function. Softkeys: Mark Opened, Mark Unopened, Delete.
Email Setup : Setup Email (Internet Email)
How to setup your Internet or POP3 email.
Email Setup : Change or Delete Internet Email Accounts (Signature)
How to change your 'Sent from my (carrier name) BlackBerry' auto signature or delete your Internet (Personal) email accounts. Wireless Sync for Email Deletions.
Email Setup : Setup Email (Enterprise Activation - BES)
How to setup your Enterprise email (Connect to BES - BlackBerry Enterprise Server)
Email Setup : Leave Copy of Messages on Server (Important)
You must 'leave copy on server' if you use Outlook, Mozilla, Thunderbird or other email client on your computer.
Facebook : Facebook Tips and Tricks Sheet
Learn Facebook Shortcut Keys, Uploading Photos and all the Best Tips.
Instant Messaging : SMS Text Message Basics
Learn the basics of reading and sending SMS Text Messages
Instant Messaging : MMS Multi-Media Message Basics
Learn the basics of sending MMS Multi-Media Messages (Add Pictures and Sounds, Voice Notes, Appointments, Contacts, more)
Instant Messaging : PIN to PIN Messaging
How to send PIN to PIN messages to other BlackBerry users. Good for emergency situations.
Mapping/GPS : Enable GPS for Mapping Programs
How to turn on GPS on your BlackBerry for Mapping and Geotagging Pictures
Mapping/GPS : Google Maps - How to Install
Google Maps - How to Install it
Mapping/GPS : Google Maps - How to Use It
Google Maps - How to Use it and Tips / Tricks
Media : Playing Music
Enjoy Music on Your BlackBerry
Media : Watching Videos
Play Music (playlists), Videos, Ring tones, Voice Notes and view Pictures.
Media : Viewing Pictures
Play Music (playlists), Videos, Ring tones, Voice Notes and view Pictures.
Media : Listen and Change Ringtones
Play Music (playlists), Videos, Ring tones, Voice Notes and view Pictures.
Media : Subscribe and Listen to Podcasts
Play Music (playlists), Videos, Ring tones, Voice Notes and view Pictures.
Memo Pad : Memo Pad Basics, Tips & Tricks
Eliminate paper by using the BlackBerry MemoPad for notes, grocery store lists, anything. Forward as email, SMS text, more.
Multi-Tasking : Get more done with Multi-Tasking (Switch Applications)
Do more things at the same time (Ex: check calendar while on a call)
Phone : Phone Basics - Call Logs, Dial by Name, Number
Learn how to use the three phone views: dial pad, call logs, and address book (Contacts). Hold, Mute, Add Participant, Speaker.
Phone : How to change your Phone Ringtone (Ringer)
How to change the ring tone (ringer) on your BlackBerry phone to a pre-set tone or your own song.
Phone : Conference Calling & Working with a Second Caller (Hold, Resume, Join, Split)
How to work with a second caller. Hold, join (conference call), split, drop and more.
Phone : How to Setup, Use & Modify Speed Dial
How to add new speed dial numbers from your dial pad, call logs or contact list - address book. Modify, Edit and Delete also.
Phone : Pauses and Waits when Dialing (Ex: Voice Mail Access)
Automatically pause (2 seconds) or wait for your input before automatically dialing passwords and exensions (e.g. Voice Mail Access).
Phone : Phone Options and Settings
Options for Phone: In Call Settings, VM Access, Forwarding, Waiting, Smart Dial, Call Logs, Speed Dial, Voice Dial, FDN, Hearing Aid
PowerTip : Customize Your Convenience Key
Open your virtual keyboard or any icon with your side convenience keys.
PowerTip : Save Time with Home Screen Hot Keys (Enable)
Save time with instant (one-key) starting of most Icons.
PowerTip : List of Home Screen Hot Keys (PDF)
List of keys to instantly start most icons - PDF (Download & Print)
Security : How to Turn On Your Password
Protect your valuable data with a password and learn about password security options (Security Timeout, Lock when Holstering, etc.)
Security : How to Turn Off Your Password
Removing password security (may not be possible if disallowed by your administrator).
Settings : Setting Your Time zone, Date & Time
Where to set your time zone, date and time. What is network time?
Settings : Setting Your Font Type & Size
Make your BlackBerry more readable with a BIGGER font or see more on the screen with a smaller font. Also see multi-tasking / application switching in use.
Social & RSS : How to Log Into Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
How to log into Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
Social & RSS : RSS Feeds - Add and View
How to subscribe to RSS feeds and view them.
Social & RSS : Update Multiple Networks with a Single Post
How to log into Facebook, Twitter and MySpace
Social & RSS : Using Facebook
Uploading pictures, write on wall, update status, poke and more.
Social & RSS : Using Twitter
How to update your Facebook status, write on your friend's walls, poke them and check out your newsfeed.
Sound Profiles : Changing Sound Profile (Vibrate, Quiet, etc.)
Change how your BlackBerry notifies you of phone calls, ringing alarms, email, SMS and more.
Sound Profiles : Customizing a Specific Sound Profile (Volume, Ring tone, Vibrate, In/Out Holster)
How to customize or fine-tune profiles: Ring volume, mute, vibrate, in holster, out of holster, number of rings, repeat notification, and more.
Troubleshooting : Register Now on Wireless Network (Host Routing Table)
Sometimes this trick works to get email & web back up and running.
Troubleshooting : Speed Up Your BlackBerry (Memory Cleaning)
Keep your BlackBerry running at peak performance with these tips
Troubleshooting : Update BlackBerry System Software Wirelessly
How to update your BlackBerry System Software wirelessly (Can take 2 + hours)
Troubleshooting : Service Books (Internet Users)
Sometimes this trick works to get email & web back up and running.
Troubleshooting : Hard Reset / Battery Pull
How to remove the battery and perform a hard reset. Helps when BlackBerry running slow or email/web not working.
Voice Dialing : Voice Dialing Basics
Voice dialing with ease.
Voice Dialing : Learning Your Voice (Adapt Digits)
Fine-tune Voice Dialing with Options and Train it to learn your own voice (Adapt Digits).
Voice Note : How to use Voice Notes
Record and send voice notes (helpful when driving and you cannot type or if it's difficult to type quickly).
Web Browser : Getting Started with Your Web Browser
Learn the basics of your Web Browser (type web address, URL, bookmarks, history, scrolling, more)
Web Browser : Web Browser: List of Hot Keys (PDF)
Shortcut Sheet (PDF): Save time in the Web Browser with this list of the best hot keys. (Download & Print)
Web Browser : Customize Your Browser, Clear Cache and Enable Keyboard Shortcuts
Setting Options, Enable Browser Shortcuts, Clear Cache, Fonts and more.
Word/Excel/PPT : Use Word to Go to Edit Microsoft Word Documents
View, Edit and Send MS Word(tm) Documents (.doc, .docx) right from your BlackBerry
Word/Excel/PPT : Use Sheet to Go to Edit Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
View, Edit and Email MS Excel(tm) Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx) right from your BlackBerry
Word/Excel/PPT : Use Slideshow to Go to Edit Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
View, Edit and Send MS PowerPoint(tm) Presentations (.ppt, .pptx) right from your BlackBerry, How to try or buy the Premium Edition

Customer Reviews of Our BlackBerry Made Simple Books

[Top of Page] Reviews of BlackBerry Made Simple Products & Services Great help for beginners and power users
Reviewer: Christian Bretscher (Zurich, Switzerland)

"BlackBerry Made Simple" is a real great help for beginners as well as for power users. I have found most useful hints that allowed me to work faster and better with my blackberry. Best of all: Martin Trautschold even answered my e-mails with additional personal questions very friendly, quickly and precisely!

My Blackberry Bible--A "must have" book to go with my Blackberry
Reviewer: Lenny (Port St. Lucie, Florida)

As a healthcare professional and inventor of a product that helps people get eye drops into their eyes without missing, called ezdrops. I have both versions of Blackberry Made Simple. The e-version and the hard copy. My hard copy of Blackberry Made Simple and my Blackberry has saved me hundreds of man hours by not having to wait to be at a computer for my e mails and text messages. Blackberry Made Simple has proven to be my "bible" and I keep in with me in my brief case for the times that I travel as well as the need to find short cuts on my Blackberry. quickly. Martin has made the Blackberry device extremely user friendly by making Blackberry Made Simple very easy and fool proof to understand.

If you decide to get a Blackberry device then you MUST get the Blackberry Made Simple book!


Lenny Muroff, President
E-Z Drops, Inc.
Port St. Lucie Florida 34985

The Magic to unlock your Blackberry.
Reviewer: R. Shaff "Velocipede" (USA)

I've been a Blackberry user for some time, and just like most tech gadgets today, the BB has such a rich feature set, most users will never know all the secrets. Well, to a large degree, that has changed.

Martin Trautschold's BLACKBERRY MADE SIMPLE is the key to unlocking many of the BB secrets...those that make life much easier. I purchased Trautschold's "ebook" version some time ago, before the current published version, but regardless, the information is necessary and superb.

As an example, on my HOME screen, the default icons are those RIM believes are primary to most users. However, as every user is different, the location and ease of invoking a function is paramount. I wanted to either delete or move certain icons, but was unable to do so because the documentation (User's Manual {ha!}) is extremely lacking. Enter BLACKBERRY MADE SIMPLE. Trautschold's cure? Hide the icon...

1. Scroll to the icon you want to move or hide.
2. Hold down the ALT key, click the trackwheel, and select "Move application" or "Hide application."

{If you're moving the application, you then use the trackwheel to place the icon, and click the trackwheel to end the operation.}

It's that simple!

Trautschold's book is loaded with gems just like this throughout. Any new or experienced BB user will benefit from this book; it simply should be a requirement.

A MUST HAVE for any Blackberry User
Reviewer: O. Mendoza (USA)

I'm on my fourth Blackberry and am pretty familiar with the device and its functions. After buying BB Made Simple for Full Keyboard BB's, I was blown away at how much more I could do with my Blackberry.  I was able to pick up loads of useful information to really take me to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend this book to ANY full keyboard BB WILL NOT be disappointed. A worthwhile investment!!!

Don't even try to BlackBerry without this book!
Reviewer: Horst Tondasch (Florida)

When I bought my first Blackberry, I was part of a small but fast growing community. No Phone-service-provider knew anything about these devices, the experienced Blackberry-users spoke their own language which I did not understand. I found Martin Trautschold's e-book and that helped me to get the most use out of my Blackberry. I would have never found all this information myself. Even now, as I am in the process to upgrade to the newest Blackberry device, I experience that the phone-service-providers have no clue what they are selling. Again, I need Martin to set me up with the new features.

This book is a must for every BlackBerry user. And you can even go further and watch easy to follow videos for every process on Martins website.

Reviewer: Bo Marcus (New Canaan, CT, USA)

The book is a SUPER RESOURCE for 3 reasons:
1. It covers the simple stuff and expert shortcuts and tips that I never knew existed!
2. The Table of Contents is well designed and make it easy to find what you need.
3. Martin, the author, is very dedicated to keeping it updated and making his customers happy.

Better Than Treo
Reviewer: Steve Notario, Director of Sales (USA)

Let me say this, I have only been using a Blackberry for 8 months. Prior to my Blackberry I used a Treo 650. When I joined my new company they issued me a new Blackberry, I had that dreaded feeling of having to learn a new phone, the learning curve was going at a slow crawl, until I purchased your Blackberry Made Simple book.

Your publication was key in allowing me to ramp up my skills very quickly and effectively put my Blackberry to work within days of being assigned my new phone. The twenty tips and tricks emails, were very useful in getting me started and getting a basic understanding of the full capabilities of my Blackberry.

My Co-workers all had been using the Blackberry for months, they were all self trained. By using your tip and tricks I was performing advanced skills they had no clue about, and started to ask me questions, like how did you do that. You know the rest, best of luck and continued success!

Reviewer: S. Kornegay (USA)

Your book is terrific!

Great Book and Email Tips!
Reviewer: J. B., Chief Technology Officer, Albany College of Pharmacy (Albany, NY, USA)

I really like the book and the email tips that get sent along with it!

Reviewer: Douglas W. Given, Owner, Commercial Real Estate Firm (Ohio, USA)

Before Blackberry, I was using a Treo 600. Treo began to have issues like freezing up and the device would do nothing. I struggled with it because I could only remember how difficult it was to program initially and learn all the procedures and short cuts. If I had known about your book and knew how easy it was to follow "Made Simple" I would have switched to Blackberry long ago. The book itself is great, but I was even more impressed when I contacted you by email with a question, you responded quickly and proceeded with a quick research and ultimate answer other supposed experts could not answer.

Really helped me figure my BlackBerry out!
Reviewer: Mike S. (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Your product has really helped me figure my BlackBerry out, thanks much!

It's very helpful!
Reviewer: Jonathan B. (USA)

It's really helpful! BlackBerry Made Simple helped me learn how to do useful stuff on my BlackBerry I never thought possible."

It's very helpful!
Reviewer: Gerry G. (California, USA)

It's very helpful! I'd like to add that without the help of your book, it would have been nearly impossible to set my Blackberry up on my own with the documentation provided by the manufacturer.

I love it!
Reviewer: Beth D. (USA)

The BlackBerry Made Simple eBook was definitely helpful... It's like "Blackberry for Idiots". I love it!!"

I needed to set up the BlackBerry that night and I was desperate!
Reviewer: Lee L. (USA)

I found your e-book through Google, I needed to set up the BlackBerry that night and I was desperate! So I went ahead and bought it – and was SO pleased! The book has given me exactly the information I needed for the initial setup!

Great Cheat Sheet and Reference Guide
Reviewer: Isariya Duncan (Orange, CA USA)

Many books say they will make your life easier in getting to know your device, this one actually does. I learned great shortcut/time saving tips for my BlackBerry without having to search through a mound of text. Clear, concise text makes it a great tool. Thanks a bunch.

I love this book!
Reviewer: Bruce H. Satter (Miami, Florida)

When I first bought the Blackberry I was deeply disappointed in the PDA aspects, as trying to figure out the operational nuances was making me crazy! I was more than pleasantly surprised at the incredible detail of the "Blackberry Made Simple" language and not only got all of my questions answered, but learned a lot about features I had never even thought about. I love this book! Well worth many times the price to me. And now I love my BlackBerry.

Big help!
Reviewer: J. Fiore (USA)

The book was a great help in getting me up and going with the new BlackBerry very quickly. Clearly written, and much better than the instruction manual. Clear graphics, and you're never left in the dark about what to do or to do next. Highly recommended.

Your book has been invaluable. Thank you!
Reviewer: D. Gow (Australia)

I am a new user and had no idea how the blackberry was meant to be configured. The BlackBerry Made Simple book has been a great source of tips and tricks! I didn't know I could do so much with the BlackBerry. I mean it's not like it comes with any of this information in a manual or anything! So thank you once again - I love my new blackberry (now) and I love what is commonly referred to by me as "Blackberry for Dummies" which I am slowly working my way through. Thanks for all your assistance. keep up the good work!

Very Useful Resource
Reviewer: J. Phillips, HR System Security, Occidental Petroleum Corp. (Texas, USA)

I recently ordered your "Blackberry Made Simple" e-book and find it a very useful resource. Thanks for publishing!

The eBook was great
Reviewer: Greg B. (USA)

The eBook was great.... I spent one afternoon, downloaded some software additions from websites, added a Bluetooth keyboard and learned the ins and outs. It really made the device a useful tool.

Very Useful Resource
Reviewer: R. Luke, Information Technology, Albany International (New York, USA)

The book is very good! I purchased both of versions since I support several Blackberry’s for our company.