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Great help for beginners and power users! Read All Reviews
The Magic to unlock your iPhone!
A MUST HAVE for any iPhone User!
I love this book!
Brief Table of Contents

Contents at a Glance 4
Table of Contents 5
Authors & Acknowledgements 12
Other Made Simple Learning Products 14
Quick Reference Guide 15
Introduction 32
Chapter 1: Learning your Way Around 36
Chapter 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste & Search 48
Chapter 3: iTunes - Sync with Computer, Buy Music & More 63
Chapter 4: Using Your iPhone as a Phone 103
Chapter 5: Advanced Phone Topics 116
Chapter 6: Your iPhone Camera 132
Chapter 7: Bluetooth on the iPhone 138
Chapter 8: SMS Text and MMS Multi-Media Messaging 146
Chapter 9: Moving, Docking, and Deleting Icons 158
Chapter 10: Personalize your iPhone 163
Chapter 11: Playing Music (iPod) 170
Chapter 12: Viewing Videos, TV Shows & More (iPod) 189
Chapter 13: Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network 197
Chapter 14: Surfing the Web (Safari) 202
Chapter 15: Email on your iPhone 217
Chapter 16: Working with Contacts 243
Chapter 17: Your Calendar 256
Chapter 18: Working with Pictures (Photos) 270
Chapter 19: Maps powered by Google Maps 283
Chapter 20: Eliminate Your Paper Notes (Notes and Voice Memos) 297
Chapter 21: Clock, Calculator & Weather 307
Chapter 22: iTunes on your iPhone 321
Chapter 23: The Amazing App Store 339
Chapter 24: Fun on Your iPhone 345
Chapter 25: Fixing Problems 356
Chapter 26: Upgrade your iPhone Software 365

Apple iPhoneTM 3G
Made Simple Book

This Easy-to-Read Guide helps the iPhone(tm) 3G user setup and become a power user of every feature imaginable of the iPhone.

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For the iPhone(tm) 3G smartphone series.

Short Description:

This guide book is unique in that it helps both Windows™ and Apple Mac™ users with all aspects of the iPhone™ 3G. (AT&T-USA, ROGERS-Canada, and other carriers)  Written by the team that has created nine best-selling BlackBerry books. 

Some of the highlights include:

- Master your New iPhone 3G
- Copy / Paste, Spotlight Search, Voice Memos
- Both Windows(tm) and Mac(tm) Support
- Use Music, Videos, Pictures & Voice Notes
- Detailed iTunes Step-by-Step Explanations
- Sync Playlists, Videos, Contacts, Calendar, Notes
- Fast Email, Phone, Calendar and Browser Tips
- Create Your Own Ringtones & Wallpapers
- Use Google Maps to Find Just About Anything!
- Use the App Store for Games and More
- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Network Setup & Security
- Install & Remove Software Icons
- Save money when traveling overseas
- Save your battery life by understanding the network settings
- In depth explanations about networks and more
- All the best tips and tricks for the touch screen

Availability: Instant Download

Size: 376 Pages, Approx. 28 MB (megabytes)

100% keyword searchable using Acrobat Reader search function.

100% bookmarked with Adobe Acrobat.

Over 1,000 pictures and screen shots.

This product is designed to be read on your computer (Windows or Mac), not
your iPhone.  (Who wants to read a book on an iPhone anyways!)

Customer Reviews of Our Made Simple Guide Books

[Top of Page] Reviews of BlackBerry Made Simple Products & Services Great help for beginners and power users
Reviewer: Christian Bretscher (Zurich, Switzerland)

"BlackBerry Made Simple" is a real great help for beginners as well as for power users. I have found most useful hints that allowed me to work faster and better with my blackberry. Best of all: Martin Trautschold even answered my e-mails with additional personal questions very friendly, quickly and precisely!

My Blackberry Bible--A "must have" book to go with my Blackberry
Reviewer: Lenny (Port St. Lucie, Florida)

As a healthcare professional and inventor of a product that helps people get eye drops into their eyes without missing, called ezdrops. I have both versions of Blackberry Made Simple. The e-version and the hard copy. My hard copy of Blackberry Made Simple and my Blackberry has saved me hundreds of man hours by not having to wait to be at a computer for my e mails and text messages. Blackberry Made Simple has proven to be my "bible" and I keep in with me in my brief case for the times that I travel as well as the need to find short cuts on my Blackberry. quickly. Martin has made the Blackberry device extremely user friendly by making Blackberry Made Simple very easy and fool proof to understand.

If you decide to get a Blackberry device then you MUST get the Blackberry Made Simple book!


Lenny Muroff, President
E-Z Drops, Inc.
Port St. Lucie Florida 34985

The Magic to unlock your Blackberry.
Reviewer: R. Shaff "Velocipede" (USA)

I've been a Blackberry user for some time, and just like most tech gadgets today, the BB has such a rich feature set, most users will never know all the secrets. Well, to a large degree, that has changed.

Martin Trautschold's BLACKBERRY MADE SIMPLE is the key to unlocking many of the BB secrets...those that make life much easier. I purchased Trautschold's "ebook" version some time ago, before the current published version, but regardless, the information is necessary and superb.

As an example, on my HOME screen, the default icons are those RIM believes are primary to most users. However, as every user is different, the location and ease of invoking a function is paramount. I wanted to either delete or move certain icons, but was unable to do so because the documentation (User's Manual {ha!}) is extremely lacking. Enter BLACKBERRY MADE SIMPLE. Trautschold's cure? Hide the icon...

1. Scroll to the icon you want to move or hide.
2. Hold down the ALT key, click the trackwheel, and select "Move application" or "Hide application."

{If you're moving the application, you then use the trackwheel to place the icon, and click the trackwheel to end the operation.}

It's that simple!

Trautschold's book is loaded with gems just like this throughout. Any new or experienced BB user will benefit from this book; it simply should be a requirement.

A MUST HAVE for any Blackberry User
Reviewer: O. Mendoza (USA)

I'm on my fourth Blackberry and am pretty familiar with the device and its functions. After buying BB Made Simple for Full Keyboard BB's, I was blown away at how much more I could do with my Blackberry.  I was able to pick up loads of useful information to really take me to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend this book to ANY full keyboard BB WILL NOT be disappointed. A worthwhile investment!!!

Don't even try to BlackBerry without this book!
Reviewer: Horst Tondasch (Florida)

When I bought my first Blackberry, I was part of a small but fast growing community. No Phone-service-provider knew anything about these devices, the experienced Blackberry-users spoke their own language which I did not understand. I found Martin Trautschold's e-book and that helped me to get the most use out of my Blackberry. I would have never found all this information myself. Even now, as I am in the process to upgrade to the newest Blackberry device, I experience that the phone-service-providers have no clue what they are selling. Again, I need Martin to set me up with the new features.

This book is a must for every BlackBerry user. And you can even go further and watch easy to follow videos for every process on Martins website.

Reviewer: Bo Marcus (New Canaan, CT, USA)

The book is a SUPER RESOURCE for 3 reasons:
1. It covers the simple stuff and expert shortcuts and tips that I never knew existed!
2. The Table of Contents is well designed and make it easy to find what you need.
3. Martin, the author, is very dedicated to keeping it updated and making his customers happy.

Better Than Treo
Reviewer: Steve Notario, Director of Sales (USA)

Let me say this, I have only been using a Blackberry for 8 months. Prior to my Blackberry I used a Treo 650. When I joined my new company they issued me a new Blackberry, I had that dreaded feeling of having to learn a new phone, the learning curve was going at a slow crawl, until I purchased your Blackberry Made Simple book.

Your publication was key in allowing me to ramp up my skills very quickly and effectively put my Blackberry to work within days of being assigned my new phone. The twenty tips and tricks emails, were very useful in getting me started and getting a basic understanding of the full capabilities of my Blackberry.

My Co-workers all had been using the Blackberry for months, they were all self trained. By using your tip and tricks I was performing advanced skills they had no clue about, and started to ask me questions, like how did you do that. You know the rest, best of luck and continued success!

Reviewer: S. Kornegay (USA)

Your book is terrific!

Great Book and Email Tips!
Reviewer: J. B., Chief Technology Officer, Albany College of Pharmacy (Albany, NY, USA)

I really like the book and the email tips that get sent along with it!

Reviewer: Douglas W. Given, Owner, Commercial Real Estate Firm (Ohio, USA)

Before Blackberry, I was using a Treo 600. Treo began to have issues like freezing up and the device would do nothing. I struggled with it because I could only remember how difficult it was to program initially and learn all the procedures and short cuts. If I had known about your book and knew how easy it was to follow "Made Simple" I would have switched to Blackberry long ago. The book itself is great, but I was even more impressed when I contacted you by email with a question, you responded quickly and proceeded with a quick research and ultimate answer other supposed experts could not answer.

Really helped me figure my BlackBerry out!
Reviewer: Mike S. (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Your product has really helped me figure my BlackBerry out, thanks much!

It's very helpful!
Reviewer: Jonathan B. (USA)

It's really helpful! BlackBerry Made Simple helped me learn how to do useful stuff on my BlackBerry I never thought possible."

It's very helpful!
Reviewer: Gerry G. (California, USA)

It's very helpful! I'd like to add that without the help of your book, it would have been nearly impossible to set my Blackberry up on my own with the documentation provided by the manufacturer.

I love it!
Reviewer: Beth D. (USA)

The BlackBerry Made Simple eBook was definitely helpful... It's like "Blackberry for Idiots". I love it!!"

I needed to set up the BlackBerry that night and I was desperate!
Reviewer: Lee L. (USA)

I found your e-book through Google, I needed to set up the BlackBerry that night and I was desperate! So I went ahead and bought it – and was SO pleased! The book has given me exactly the information I needed for the initial setup!

Great Cheat Sheet and Reference Guide
Reviewer: Isariya Duncan (Orange, CA USA)

Many books say they will make your life easier in getting to know your device, this one actually does. I learned great shortcut/time saving tips for my BlackBerry without having to search through a mound of text. Clear, concise text makes it a great tool. Thanks a bunch.

I love this book!
Reviewer: Bruce H. Satter (Miami, Florida)

When I first bought the Blackberry I was deeply disappointed in the PDA aspects, as trying to figure out the operational nuances was making me crazy! I was more than pleasantly surprised at the incredible detail of the "Blackberry Made Simple" language and not only got all of my questions answered, but learned a lot about features I had never even thought about. I love this book! Well worth many times the price to me. And now I love my BlackBerry.

Big help!
Reviewer: J. Fiore (USA)

The book was a great help in getting me up and going with the new BlackBerry very quickly. Clearly written, and much better than the instruction manual. Clear graphics, and you're never left in the dark about what to do or to do next. Highly recommended.

Your book has been invaluable. Thank you!
Reviewer: D. Gow (Australia)

I am a new user and had no idea how the blackberry was meant to be configured. The BlackBerry Made Simple book has been a great source of tips and tricks! I didn't know I could do so much with the BlackBerry. I mean it's not like it comes with any of this information in a manual or anything! So thank you once again - I love my new blackberry (now) and I love what is commonly referred to by me as "Blackberry for Dummies" which I am slowly working my way through. Thanks for all your assistance. keep up the good work!

Very Useful Resource
Reviewer: J. Phillips, HR System Security, Occidental Petroleum Corp. (Texas, USA)

I recently ordered your "Blackberry Made Simple" e-book and find it a very useful resource. Thanks for publishing!

The eBook was great
Reviewer: Greg B. (USA)

The eBook was great.... I spent one afternoon, downloaded some software additions from websites, added a Bluetooth keyboard and learned the ins and outs. It really made the device a useful tool.

Very Useful Resource
Reviewer: R. Luke, Information Technology, Albany International (New York, USA)

The book is very good! I purchased both of versions since I support several Blackberry’s for our company.

Detailed Table of Contents:     [Top of Page]

Contents at a Glance 4

Table of Contents 5

Authors & Acknowledgements 12

Other Made Simple Learning Products 14

Quick Reference Guide 15

Stay Organized 17
Be Entertained 18
Learning Your iPhone: The Screen, Buttons, Switches and Ports 19
Knowing When You are Connected 20
Airplane Mode 21
Avoid High Unexpected Bills when Traveling (Data Roaming) 21
Networks: High Speed ("3G") vs. Lower Speed 2G ("E") vs. Wi-Fi 22
Your iPhone Touch Screen 23
Basic Touch Screen Gestures 24
Starting Icons & Using Soft Keys 25
Menus, Sub-Menus and Switches 26
Swipe – Quickly Move between Web Pages, Pictures and In Lists 27
Scrolling the Screen and Menus 27
Tap the Screen to Show / Hide Controls or Soft Keys 28
Double Tap to Quickly Zoom In or Out (Works on Web Pages, Email Messages, and Pictures) 29
“Pinch” Open or Closed to Gradually Zoom Out or In (Works on Web Pages, Email Messages, and Pictures) 30
Touch and Hold to Activate “Magnifying Glass” to Place Cursor 31

Introduction 32
Congratulations on your iPhone! 32
Things this powerful are not always easy to grasp – at first 32
Day in the Life of an iPhone User 34

Chapter 1: Learning your Way Around 36
Protecting Your iPhone 36
Powering On and Off and Sleep Mode 37
Airplane Mode 38
The "Home" Button 39
Learning When Email, Web and App Downloads Work 39
Sleep/Wake Button (And Power Button) 40
The Mute / Ringer Off and Volume Keys 40
Double-Clicking The “Home” Key 41
Slide to Unlock 42
Adjusting the Date and Time 44
Adjusting the Brightness 47

Chapter 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste & Search 48
Basic Typing Tips - One Finger vs. Two Thumbs 48
Landscape Larger Keyboard 49
Saving Time with Auto-Correction (Pop-Up Guessed Words) 50
Magnifying Glass for Editing Text / Placing the Cursor 51
Typing Numbers and Symbols 51
Keyboard Options & Settings 55
Copy and Paste 56
Selecting Text with "Two Finger Touch" 58
Finding Things with "Spotlight Search" 61

Chapter 3: iTunes - Sync with Computer, Buy Music & More 63
Overview of iTunes and Free Tutorials from Apple 65
Running iTunes the First Time - the "Setup Assistant" 66
iTunes Basics - Playing Songs, Videos and More 69
iTunes Basics - Creating a New Playlist 69
Setting up your iPhone 72
Create an iTunes Account or Sign In (Required to Buy Anything) 74
Buying Music, Videos and More from the iTunes Store 79
Making Sure all My Purchased Items are Downloaded 81
Loading My Music CDs into iTunes so I can put them on my iPhone 83
Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card 84
Manually Putting Music, Movies, Podcasts and More on My iPhone ("Drag & Drop" Method) 85
Why might I not want to use iTunes "Automatic Sync"? 87
Automatically Synchronizing your Music and Videos to your iPhone 87
How can I stop the Sync process to my iPhone? 87
Can I 'Authorize' more than one computer to play my iTunes media? 88
How do I "Get Album Artwork" in iTunes? 89
How to Turn Off or Disable the "Automatic Sync" 89
Finding Songs and Videos Using the Search Box in iTunes 89
Changing Views in iTunes (List, Grid or Cover Flow) 91
Transferring or Syncing Contacts, Calendar and Notes 93
Importing SIM Card Contacts 97
To Replace all Contacts and Calendar Entries on Your iPhone 98
Setting Up Email Accounts on Your iPhone 98
Sync Movies Automatically 100
Transferring Photos 100
Manually Transferring "Dragging & Dropping" Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Audio Books and more to your iPhone 102

Chapter 4: Using Your iPhone as a Phone 103
Getting Started with Phone Features 103
To place a Call From the Keypad 103
Placing Calls from Contacts 105
Call Any Underlined Phone Number (Email, SMS, Anywhere) 107
Voice Dialing 107
Setting “Favorites” aka "Speed Dial" on your iPhone 107
Using Recents (Think "Call Logs") 110
Options While on a Call 111
Setting up and Using Voicemail or Visual Voicemail 112

Chapter 5: Advanced Phone Topics 116
Conference Calling 116
Call Forwarding 119
Call Waiting 120
Show or Block (Hide) Your Caller ID 120
Setting Security on your SIM card - Assigning a PIN Code 120
Ring Tones, Sounds and Vibration 121
Assigning Unique Ringtones to Contacts 123
Creating Ringtones from your Music 124

Chapter 6: Your iPhone Camera 132
Starting the Camera App 132
Geo-Tagging 132
Taking a Picture 133
Viewing Pictures you have Taken 133
Deleting a Picture from the Camera Roll 134
Transferring Pictures to Your Computer 135
Emailing a Photo, Assigning to a Contact, Use as Wallpaper 137

Chapter 7: Bluetooth on the iPhone 138
Understanding Bluetooth 138
Pairing with (Connecting to) a Bluetooth Headset 139
Using the Bluetooth Headset 141
Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) - New in Version 30 143

Chapter 8: SMS Text and MMS Multi-Media Messaging 146
SMS Text Messaging on your iPhone 146
Replying to a Text Message 150
Viewing Stored Messages 151
SMS Notification Options 152
MMS 153

Chapter 9: Moving, Docking, and Deleting Icons 158
Moving Icons to the Bottom Dock - "Docking Them" 158
Moving Icons to a Different Icon Page 159
Deleting Icons 161
Resetting All Your Icon Locations (Factory Defaults) 162

Chapter 10: Personalize your iPhone 163
Changing your Wallpaper 163
Keyboard Options & Settings 166
Security Options 166

Chapter 11: Playing Music (iPod) 170
Your iPhone as a Music Player 170
Music and Video on the iPhone 170
“Editing” the Soft Keys 171
Playlists View 173
Searching For Music 174
Artists View 174
Songs View 175
Albums View 175
Navigating with “Cover Flow” View 176
Viewing Songs In Cover Flow 177
Playing your Music 177
Adjusting the Volume 179
Double-Click Home Button for iPod Controls 180
Repeating, Shuffling, Moving around in a Song 181
Now Playing 184
Viewing other Songs on the Album 184
Adjusting Music Settings 185
Volume Limit (Safely Listen to Music at Reasonable Volumes) 187
Showing Music Controls when in Another Application 187

Chapter 12: Viewing Videos, TV Shows & More (iPod) 189
Your iPhone as a Video Player 189
Loading Videos on Your iPhone 189
Watching Videos on the iPhone 189
Playing a Video 190
Changing the Size of the Video (Widescreen vs Full Screen) 192
Using the “Chapters” Button 193
Video Options 194
Deleting Videos 196

Chapter 13: Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network 197
The Benefits of Wi-Fi 197
Searching for a Network 197
Connecting to a Network 198
Advanced Wi-Fi Options ("Hidden" or "Undiscoverable" Networks) 199

Chapter 14: Surfing the Web (Safari) 202
Web Browsing on the iPhone 202
How do you know when you can browse the web on your iPhone? 202
Launching the Web Browser 202
Typing a Web Address (URL - Example: 204
Booking Your Travel Reservations 204
Adding Bookmarks, Add Icon to Home Screen, Mail Page Links 205
Using the New Pages Button 208
Zooming in and Out in Web Pages 210
New in Version 3: Copying and Pasting from a Web Page 211
Activating Links from Web Pages 211
Installing Software from a Web Link 211
Adjusting Web Browsing Settings 213
Speed Up Your Browser: Clear History & Clear Cookies 215
iPhone 3 Feature: Auto Fill Name, Password, Email, Address & More 215
Using Browsing History To Save Time and Find Sites 216

Chapter 15: Email on your iPhone 217
Your iPhone for "Anywhere, Anytime" Access to Email 217
How do you know when you can send or receive email on your iPhone? 217
Setting up Email on the iPhone 217
Getting Started With Mail 221
Composing a New Email Message 222
Checking Sent Messages 225
Reading and Replying to Mail 226
Reply, Forward or Delete Message 227
Deleting Email Messages 229
Moving Email Messages 231
Email Search- New 30 Feature 233
Setting your Email Options 234
Changing your Email Signature 235
Changing your Default Mail Account (Sent From) 235
Troubleshooting Email Problems 235
Advanced Email Options 238
Automatically Retrieve Email 239
Setting Sounds for Receiving and Sending Mail 241
Email Troubleshooting 242

Chapter 16: Working with Contacts 243
Importing Contacts from Other Programs 243
Adding a New Contact 243
Adding a Photo to Contacts (Picture Caller ID and More) 248
Searching Your Contacts 249
Adding Contacts from Emails 251
Sending a Picture to a Contact252
Sending an Email Message from Contacts 252
Mapping Your Contacts (Google Maps) 253
Contact Settings and Options 254
Contact Troubleshooting 255

Chapter 17: Your Calendar 256
Manage your Busy Life on your iPhone 256
Syncing or Sharing Your Calendar(s) with your iPhone 256
Viewing your Schedule and Getting Around 257
Calendar Day, List and Month Views 257
Working with Several Calendars (Different Colors) 259
Adding New Calendar Appointments / Events 260
Dialing the Phone from Your Calendar 266
Editing Appointments 266
Meeting Invitations 267
Calendar Options 268

Chapter 18: Working with Pictures (Photos) 270
Photos on your iPhone 270
Working with Individual Pictures 271
Zooming in and Out of Pictures 273
Viewing a Slide Show 273
Using a Picture as Your iPhone Wallpaper 274
Emailing a Picture 275
Email, Copy or Delete Several Pictures At Once 275
Assign Picture to a Contact 276
Deleting a Picture 277
Downloading Pictures from Web Sites 279
Send Picture as MMS - Multi-Media Message 280
Adjusting Slideshow Options for Photos 281

Chapter 19: Maps powered by Google Maps 283
Getting Started with Maps 283
Determining your Location 283
Changing the Map View: Map, Satellite, Hybrid and List 284
Checking Traffic 286
Search for Any Location, Local Businesses, Theaters, Plumbers, More 287
Mapping Options Once Address or Addresses are Mapped 288
Bookmarking Location 288
Add Location to Contacts 289
Searching for Things (Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Movies, Anything) Around My Location 289
Zooming In and Out 290
Dropping a Pin 291
Getting Directions 293
“Maps” Options 296

Chapter 20: Eliminate Your Paper Notes (Notes and Voice Memos) 297
Getting Started with Notes 297
How are my notes sorted? 298
Adding a New Note 298
Viewing or Editing your Notes 300
Editing your Notes 301
Deleting Notes 301
Emailing a Note 302
Voice Memos or Voice Notes 302

Chapter 21: Clock, Calculator & Weather 307
The World Time Clock 307
The Alarm Clock 309
Using the Stopwatch 312
Using the Countdown “Timer” feature 313
Turning Off ("Sleeping") your iPod after a Set Time 315
Calculator App 315
The Weather App 317

Chapter 22: iTunes on your iPhone 321
Getting Started with iTunes on the iPhone 321
How do you know when you can download Music, Videos and More from iTunes on your iPhone? 321
Starting iTunes 321
NOTE: iTunes “App” does Change Frequently 321
Navigating iTunes 322
New Releases, Top Tens, and Genres 322
iTunes for Videos (Movies), TV Shows and Music Videos 324
Customizing Your iTunes Soft Keys 327
Audio Books in iTunes 328
Podcasts in iTunes 328
"iTunes U" - Great Educational Content - 329
Searching iTunes 331
Purchasing or Renting Music, Videos, Podcasts and More 332
Downloading Podcasts 335
The Download Icon - Stopping & Deleting Downloads 337
Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card 338

Chapter 23: The Amazing App Store 339
Starting the App Store 339
How do you know when you can download Apps from the App Store on your iPhone? 340
Finding an “App” to Download 340
Downloading an App 343
Finding Free or Discounted Apps 344
Updating your Apps 344

Chapter 24: Fun on Your iPhone 345
iPhone as a “Gaming Device” 345
iPhone Specific Versions 347
YouTube on your iPhone 350

Chapter 25: Fixing Problems 356
How do I know when I have the correct network connectivity for email, web browsing, the App Store downloads on my iPhone? 356
What to do if the iPhone Stops Responding 356
How to Reset the iPhone 358
Connect to iTunes Screen 358
iPhone Does Not Show Up in iTunes 359
Synchronization Problems 360
No Sound in Music or Video 361
If You Can’t Make Purchases from iTunes or App Store 362
Restoring you iPhone from a Backup 363

Chapter 26: Upgrade your iPhone Software 365
Version 3.0 Software Now Released 365
How can you tell what version of software you are currently using on your iPhone? 365
Version 3.0 Software New Features and Enhancements 365
Installing the 3.0 Software Update 366